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What is SUPREME?

SUPREME is an acronym for Suicide prevention through media and internet based mental health promotion.


What are the Goals of the SUPREME Project?

Mental illness is very common in all age groups and can make life very difficult for those affected by it.  A person suffering from depression may not only find it difficult to enjoy things, but may also have a hard time concentrating on work, studies or social life. When these problems go untreated for a very long time, they become more severe, and in some cases, the suffering may become so unbearable that victim may feel like taking their own life. There are many well established methods for treating mental illnesses through both medication and different types of therapies.

When people are affected by physical illnesses like diabetes or the 'flu, they usually seek professional help immediately, but unfortunately this is not the case with mental illnesses. People often feel embarrassed about experiencing an episode of depression, an anxiety attack or hearing non-existent voices. Because mental illness is highly stigmatized in our society, by talking about it to others,  the afflicted person risks being called “crazy”, or worries about seeming weak or inadequate.  A person suffering from a mental illness may fail to seek professional help due to a  lack of knowledge about existing treatments, and incorrect beliefs about their effectiveness. In some cases the afflicted person may not even be aware of his or her mental illness, or that such a thing even exists.

To combat these problems, the SUPREME project aims at decreasing the stigma associated with mental illnesses and at increasing awareness and knowledge about mental health in general. This mental health promotion project is aimed at young people, most of who feel comfortable finding information and communicating through the Internet using chatrooms and forums. However, the project will not only be aimed at helping people who suffer from a mental illness, but also healthy people who want to know more about mental health issues. Giving practical, accessible and accurate information on mental health will hopefully lead to decreased negative attitudes and enable young people to help each other. To reach these goals, we would like to establish an interactive website where users will have the opportunity to get help, read about different mental health topics and/or watch related videos. We will also provide moderated forums to enable discussions amongst users.

SUPREME is a European Union project and the website will be adapted and translated into several languages by the seven countries participating in the project. The effectiveness of the website will be scientifically evaluated with the help of students recruited in each participating country and the results will be published so that others, interested in developing similar websites, can benefit from our experiences.


Other Aims of SUPREME

We are also working on a mental health promotion website,and will review scientific literature to combine the present scientific knowledge on mental health related websites as well as other media, in an easily accessible publication. This publication will serve as a set of guidelines for anyone who wants to promote mental health through the internet or media.