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Vadaskert Foundation Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital & Clinic (VAGLE)

The research group involved with the SUPREME project at Vadaskert Foundation is headed by Dr. Judit Balázs.

Vadaskert Child Psychiatry Hospital and Outpatient Clinic has been operating since 1993 and provides child psychiatry service financed by the National Health Insurance Institute. It has three inpatient units, with a total of 40 beds and a capacity of 20 day-care patients.

The Hospital admits about 900 patients to its inpatient wards yearly and provides day-care for nearly 300 patients. Last year, the Outpatient Clinic had 1400 new patients, and provided care to both children and adults in nearly 14,000 visits.



Our main responsibilities are the coordination of the translation and cultural adaptation of all materials in the SUPREME Project. We are also responsible for mapping of existing suicide preventive resources on the web in Hungary, as well as the implementation and evaluation of the intervention website in Hungary.