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Dissemination of the Project (WP2) PDF Print E-mail

This work package will focus upon the development of a dissemination strategy in collaboration with all partners in the SUPREME Consortium by:

  • Focusing on the ‘European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being’ agenda
  • Coordinating and supporting production and establishment of project intranet / Internet website, brochure and newsletters
  • Collaborating with all partners in the identification of local, regional and national stakeholder groups
  • Forming strong collaboration with WP5, WP6, WP7 and WP8 in the liaison and networks of the media, Internet and identification of networks and programmes
  • Ensuring integration of mental health users in the involvement of health promotion
  • Collaboration with Major European and inter-national networks, for further activities
  • Use of the electronic message board established in WP1 as a mechanism for communicating project objectives and impact
  • Responsible Partner: UNIMOL, Italy

The dissemination plan will be performed on three different levels:

Level 1 - Scientific Community

Results of the project will be made available in reports, national and international scientific journals, and presentations at conferences and workshops.


Level 2 - Politicians and Stakeholders on the EU and National Level

  • SUPREME leaflets distributed to stakeholders within the EU and at a national level
  • Project website will be established and the results of SUPREME made public
  • Relevant stakeholders will be reached through networks and contacts, professional public health bodies and international organisations such as the WHO


Level 3 - General Public

  • National and local media (TV, radio, newspapers, journals), press releases and interviews
  • Leaflets and other information material
  • SUPREME project website
  • Dissemination of SUPREME contents and results also to the adolescent public through events prevalently attended by a young public. SUPREME content will also be disseminated in schools and universities