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Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the Project (WP4) PDF Print E-mail

This WP aims to ensure high quality translation and cultural adaptation, in order to evaluate and ensure the compatibility of the programme of work. All documentation will be translated into the 6 languages included in the partnership.

Translation of project materials and adaptation of all contents to the specific social context of each participating country are very important. Translation procedures will follow a detailed methodological protocol that will include initial translation, back translation, harmonization, testing and expert review. All translation procedures will carefully take into account the need to adapt the content of the interventions to culturally diverse populations living in different social environments.

The work package will extend through the whole duration of the project in order to translate and culturally adapt all materials and reports deriving from project activities, including research protocols, interventions, and guidelines.  Each participating country will be in charge of translating the Internet based intervention in their own language and will perform cultural adaptation procedures.

  • Responsible Partner: VAGLE, Hungary.