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Internet Based Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Intervention (WP7) PDF Print E-mail

A multi-language highly interactive website dedicated to mental health promotion and suicide prevention will be designed and opened for public access. The website will be specifically aimed at adolescents and young adults and will provide information about mental health issues and the possibility to get help, with particular focus on raising awareness, combating stigma, and stimulating peer support. A specific program to promote the website will be performed among high-school and University students and will be led by adolescents and mental health professionals respectively.

The website statistics will be analyzed in order to evaluate which referral system gives better results in terms of page visits and activities performed on the website by users. Visual psychometric tools will be used in order to measure the well-being of adolescents and the impact of the intervention. Users will be asked to answer a basic questionnaire on well-being in order to have access to the website and to leave basic demographic data such as age, gender and e-mail.

A more thorough evaluation of mental health will be available on the website for users that will agree to participate. Users will then be contacted by e-mail after two weeks, one month an three months in order to remind them to fill in the questions about well-being. The overall objective of this procedure is to evaluate eventual modifications in well-being of adolescents that use the website and to evaluate which components of the website work better.

The effectiveness of an Internet based suicide intervention depends also on the available Internet access in the specific regions. Information concerning the frequency of Internet use and the number of young people with regular access to Internet will be integrated into the final results regarding efficacy. Data about Internet usage will be used as covariates when analyzing and comparing the efficacy of the Internet based intervention in different countries.  The intervention will be designed and produced at KI, Sweden, but will be implemented in all partner countries after translation and cultural adaptation.

  • Responsible Partner: All partners contribute: KI; UNIMOL, PsMAR; ERSI; MU; VU.