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Development of Guidelines for Media and Internet Based Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention (WP8) PDF Print E-mail

Outcomes of the planned interventions will be measured and results will be evaluated for statistical significance. Once the best outcomes and most important elements of the intervention have been defined, specific guidelines will be developed.

The guidelines will include recommendations on:

  • The content and implementation of the interventions
  • Target groups to include when performing Internet and media based mental health promotion campaigns
  • The duration and intensity of campaigns
  • The most effective ways to help adolescents in need
  • The most effective mental health promotion tools

The outcomes will be of value for countries aiming at developing strategies for mental health promotion and suicide prevention. The guidelines will be translated in all the languages where the intervention is performed. They will be made available to European stakeholders and mental health professionals as both online materials on the SUPREME and collaborators websites, but also in the form of brochures and reports.   This work package will also make an effort to seek out new stakeholders and mental health professionals, in order to broaden the existing network.

  • Responsible Partner: KI, Sweden; UNIMOL, Italy; MU, England; all collaborating centres contacted.