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The SUPREME Project and the Media PDF Print E-mail

Clarification of Media’s role and responsibility when reporting on public health and suicide prevention issues is essential for balanced dissemination to the general public. Through the SUPREME project, journalists and media workers will have access to reports and research findings produced that will help to inform their policies on the reporting of suicide and suicide related issues.

The SUPREME project (Suicide Prevention by Internet and Media Based Mental Health Promotion) aims at constructing a partnership of expert organizations for the development of an Internet and media based, multi-language, culturally adapted, mental health promotion and suicide prevention intervention. The highly interactive website, accessible by the general public but aimed particularly at adolescents and young adults, will interact closely with a range of media sources, such as print media and magazines as well as their online presence. The general objective of the programme is to enhance and improve the mental health and well-being of European adolescents.

The contribution of the project to European society is multifaceted: it provides a common goal amongst leading centres across Europe to improve the mental health and well- being of its adolescent citizens; it supports the utilization of state-of-the-art technology for mental health promotion; and significantly enhances mental health research and collaboration amongst Europe’s leading scientific centres. The project contains a number of new concepts in the aspects of peer-facilitated mental health promotion, such as being web-based and aimed at youth.

The SUPREME project will produce current, scientifically validated recommendations for how the media can report on suicide matters in an objective, responsible and non-sensationalist way, in order to avoid imitation suicides, stereotypical perceptions and the creation of myths regarding suicide that could circulate amongst the general public.

For further information regarding the SUPREME project, mental health and suicide, please contact Michael Westerlund: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .